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research for valve industry

Widespread use of the valve industry, metal valves, metal valves for use has been a century of history, although the metal valve through the improvement of the structure and materials, ceramic valve, but limited by the properties of metal materials can not meet the growing high wear, corrosion and other harsh conditions strong demand, mainly in short service life, greatly affected the disclosure of a serious system stability. Traditional metal valves needed from materials, design and manufacturing processes, etc. overhaul.

Ceramic materials for industrial valves is a bold and useful innovation. Deformation of ceramic materials is very small, much higher than the metal with a combination of strength, generally composed of ceramic materials crystal ionic radius, and ion price high, a large coordination number, these properties determine the tensile strength of ceramic materials , compressive strength, elastic modulus, hardness and so very high. Ceramic itself, however, the "brittle" and difficult to machine limits its scope of application of the last decade, due to martensitic transformation toughening technology, composite materials and nano-ceramic Branch Technical development of the concept and progress has been made ceramics " brittle, "has been greatly improved, Its toughness and strength has been greatly improved, ever-expanding range of applications.

In recent years, new ceramic materials in petroleum, chemical, mechanical, and other fields is very active, using ceramic wear resistance, corrosion resistance and production of wear-resistant materials instead of metal corrosion Parts and Components, is an important market in recent years, hi-tech materials development directions.

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