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brass ball valve's history

Ancient Chinese artifacts, the most widely used and significant brass ball valve differences, different shapes of the incense burner in the case. In the general concept, seems to be lit incense apparatus, so that the style of incense, most people will always appear in mind Ge ware in Song Dynasty Longquan Kiln ears or furnace, the Ming dynasty bronze Then Xuande furnace and its imitation Commodities had.

In fact, the type of incense and use much more than that, its history is also at least in the more than two millennia. Predecessors described censers, and mostly just words and objects. In recent years, specialized in incense burners, such as research, First Water Yang's "Ancient text of material new evidence" on the incense and the fragrance of the United States and the text; First "Huajian 16 voice" on "Tim Shannon," " Kaoru cage "," Shannon beast with a Sachet "magazine. Very clever to say, the two authors are the President, they are female-specific and detailed insight into the history Evans incense, essential items such as its role in life, fun , the former focused on the examination of objects slightly, while the latter from the past to find poetry and notes of incense and incense life.

Western and Eastern Han Dynasties Boshan furnace has been prevailing in the court and aristocratic life. Mancheng Hebei Jing Wang Sheng Liu Zhongshan tombs unearthed gold brass ball valve Boshan furnace, whether it is style and process have reached a very fine degree furnace Boshan since been in force up to the Sui and Early Tang Dynasty. The so-called "Boshan", I was not referring Boshan out of this furnace, but do overlap artifacts carved surface decoration Yamagata. According to the "two Beijing Miscellanies" records, Changan Qiao Ding relief workers to do good Boshan furnace, can overlap carving odd bird incense burner monster to do the surface decoration, Boshan furnace process of complex, far more than the subsequent emergence of three feet or five full-style incense burner .

Chant from the Six Dynasties Boshan furnace's poem, the overlap Boshan the style has not only "to hide losses 1000 to plant trees infested million mountains," but to carving out "under the Liuzhou potential discs, the first-half title Jiao Lin," the modeling and the "son of the King of Qin Lou, driving crane by" the story of the characters. brass ball valve Boshan Western Han Dynasty is probably the emergence of furnace burning incense and raw materials and the way. Before the Western Han Dynasty, the Department of the use of Hierochloe, this is grass or LOH grass incense placed in the bean-style directly lit incense, although aroma fragrance, but a lot of pyrotechnic gas. Emperor Wu period, the South China Sea area Dipterocarp, China and Turkey imported Styrax, spices and incense ball made of cake or incense, charcoal under the home, using charcoal to heat the spices resin ignited slowly, smell is strong, fireworks Gas is not large, has also appeared in different patterns, the south-pointing carriage Boshan furnace. Although the lid Boshan flourish, but they all have stomatal engrave, aroma is rising from the engrave holes are distributed. Boshan furnace both made of metal, there are earthenware and porcelain made later, but its structure is broadly similar, are a kind of incense with charcoal use.

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